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They say the camera never lies, but in my experience it largely depends on whose hands the camera is in. I have worked with and been on the receiving end of Celia's talent with a lens and been very pleased with the results. She has the ability to capture the essence of the individual without them really having to do very much, in fact her warm and patient approach instils confidence and provides the perfect backdrop for natural portrait and situation photography - and another thing you all have my LinkedIn photograph to thank her for.

Graham Massey, the house

I needed some new portraits for my website as an acupuncturist, so I approached Celia. From the outset she was both incredibly professional and extremely helpful. On the day of the shoot she was brilliant and completely focussed upon me and what we were trying to achieve during the shoot. Her professionalism and understanding of me made the shoot, with the end result being an array of stunning pictures. Certainly I don't consider myself to be photogenic but Celia made the impossible possible and yes, photogenic I became.

Thank you so much Celia, it has been an absolute pleasure and worth every penny.

Ian Robert Hope : www.acuhope.co.uk

A wonderful combination of imagination, reliability and professionalism. Celia makes a difficult job seem effortless and, whilst being a safe pair of hands, provides inspiring and beautiful results that are anything but “safe”. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Helen Hammond, Wards Solicitors

I am delighted to be able to recommend Celia Mannings' photography to you. No other person has captured the images of the children in our projects and their poverty as Celia has. Each photo has replaced hundreds of words of text telling its own story and touching our humanity. As the character of an artist is expressed through their painting Celia’s humanity is expressed in her photography. A very welcome member of Business against Poverty and highly recommended.

Bill Huxley, Robin Hood Ministries

I met Celia at a social occasion and watched in increasing admiration as she moved with agility among the hundreds of guests, capturing exquisite moments, smiles and the essence of a lovely evening. I was already on the hunt for a first class photographer for our annual staff awards night being held at the Assembly Rooms some weeks later and I wanted someone who was creative, would understand what the event was all about and would be professional, unobtrusive, creative and a delight to one and all.

Celia fulfilled all those requirements and I have had as many compliments from colleagues about her and her manner as I have had about the quality and style of her photographs. She manages to combine outstanding skill, professionalism and understated charm. Thanks to her a lot of people now have some wonderful pictures of a fantastic night.

Helen Robinson-Gordon, Royal United Hospital

Celia is an excellent photographer. Beyond just taking a photograph which is exactly what you envisaged as an image, Celia manages top convey something else. I am shortly opening an estate agency in Bradford on Avon, (Jeremy Jenkins Estate Agents)and needed two photos of my ugly mug which did more than get me recognised and maybe arrested! Celia's photograph of me depicts an open good humour and mature confidence, someone you would trust to sell your house. I didn't expect that, but that's exactly what I got. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, Celias are expertly crafted prose describing a feeling and an atmosphere, a vibe maybe?
I can recommend her to anyone for any occasion.

Jeremy Jenkins Estate Agents


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Working in Bath, Bristol and the South West, Celia Lansley is a passionate and caring photographer taking natural, spontaneous, reportage wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographs. Celia will travel throughout the UK but focuses on Bath, Bristol, the South West, Wiltshire, Somerset, Banes, Bath and North East Somerset, Southwest, Devon and Burgh Island.